A Malevolent Aside


Just one

little thing

at a time;

I will take away

your mind.

No control,

no design;

just a tempting

fucking lie.


All around,

hear the sounds

of confusion on the ground.

Your animosity

is a symphony

to me.

I delight in night.

Ask me why

you still fear to go outside?

In the dark,

in your head,

still living under your bed.


Terror tells you that it’s true;

no one believes in monsters anymore,

but the monsters do.


Anxious eyes,

nervous lips,

stammered words,

if the shoe fits;

find yourself

in an imaginary world

somewhere online.


in the real world’s

not required.

And when you look up

from the screen,

one day you’ll know;

I took away your life,

I took your soul.






Along blood lines

the family fractured.

Who’s a fag?

and who’s a cuck?

who’s hooked on drugs?

whose cooking sucks?

Whose son died

in a firefight overseas?

I’ve brought your institutions

to their knees.




and confused;

you might say that you don’t believe in monsters,

but the monsters do.


I’m making you over

in my image;

cue the elaborate montage.

You won’t recognize it

in a minute;

you can sit and watch.

The whole thing’s going down

live as you’re living;

streaming on Netflix, too.

Pull up a stump

and watch the mad beginnings

with a front row view.


One by one by one

and sometimes by the thousands,

the world succumbs and suffers.

My aim is not to make it better for you,

but for the others.

I bet that gets your

sacrificial goat;

doesn’t it incite you?

Too weak a breed

to bite the hand that feeds;

when you know the other’s

cocking back to strike you.

Isn’t it delightful?


Step away for a minute,

take a thousand foot view.

Watch it all go down,

just like I planned it to.

Don’t give me those eyes,

it’s no surprise;

it’s happening

just like I explained it to you.

Now tell me;

do you believe in monsters?

Because now you know

it’s all come true

and monsters do.


HG – 2018



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