These are the words

that I will use

to help you.

Lend my thoughts

like I might

lend a hand.

Thinking of

the way you love

so well, you

deserve my best attempts

to understand.


I am just

a temporary thing here.

I am not

the think kept in your mind.

I’ll do what I can

to separate you

from the world

you’ve tried to leave behind.


I’ll climb every ladder

just before you,

testing every rung

as I ascend.

Follow me

in knowledge of your safety,

knowing I am more

than just a friend.


Nobody wants to be

up high and alone.

Believe me,

it’s a lonely road.

So many of us

find ourselves so.


in love with the cosmos;

and away we go.


This is the book

that I’ll use

to propel you,

far beyond your eyes

and your greatest fears.

Picture the stars

in the night sky.

Hold on tight.

We’re getting out of here.


See the stars

get brighter

as we chase them.

Watch the tangle

of galaxies

twist and stretch.

We have not

even left our places,

or our bodies, yet.


Up here,

there is no time,

not as we knew it,

in the place we find

ourselves in,

but we can go



Follow me,


into our inside,

another state of mind.


into the wilderness

in between starlight.

Here we go,

hold on tight.


HG – 2018

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