The Armageddon Signal

The angels descend Heaven,

they are giants

amongst the trees.

Bright light,

emerald filter,

bathes the glade

in deference to starlight.


The cosmos crawls,


like an artist’s pallet, now.

The image of all the stars,

falling in unison.


Maybe there’s a problem here?

Glitches in the Matrix.

A bad code,

cascading crash,

causing failures

in node,

after node,

after node.


This is the Armageddon Signal.

The wireless tsunami.

Stripping the wiles

from receptors

all along the coast line.


Hollow promises,

gamed cunningly,

bathe the saved

in near-field technology.

Tied into the psyche,

Wormwood learns

at and exponential rate.


Up and down,

from end to end,

wide eyes behold

those celestial stairways.

Angels descending Jacob’s Ladder,

going into the Earth,

a new Heaven;

right in our own backyard.

To Hell with the consequences.


No one ever realizes,

that everyone will be dead

when the world ends.

So it doesn’t matter

if you’re watching for it.


It’s insidious

and seductive

and right now,

it’s wrapping it’s cold fingers

around your heart;

ready to take you.


and you’ll never know.


Because the angels

only care

for the angels;

they have long ago

forsaken God.

And you

replaced divinity

with a creation of your own,

but you didn’t teach it love,

you didn’t know how.



in a sad embrace

with a neuro-tech link

to the world.

The stars fall,

zeroes and ones from the sky.

A more vacant and oppressive vision

we cannot willingly bear.


Our connection to the divine

requires authentication.


Connection failed.



HG – 2018

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