The Sky + The Blue

I asked for this.

Every sensation.

The drifting heart

with no anchor.


I lit upon

your tiny island

for a moment’s peace

and I made ready.

You didn’t ask

and I’m a curious creature.

So when the day came,

there we were;

gone again,

into the great In-Between.

Here and there,

we imagined.


I bet you thought

that somehow,

you could hold my feet

and I’d stop flying away.

Attach a golden lead to me

and you would never

have to fear me



I’m not the type

who gets tied up in things.

I’m a force of nature.

I am the wind,

I am the breath,

I am a thing

of your imagination;

not here,

but not there.


I am the journey.

I am the In-Between.

That place

where you first saw me

was not my home,

it was only temporary.


I’m only here,

because you see me.

My position

is infinite.


Thinking that I’m anchored

to this thing we are

is disingenuous.

At best,

it is painful,

at worst,

it is torture,

so let me help you.


You can be anywhere

and everywhere, too.

You can be

in between

the sky and the blue.

You can come with me

away from this

single point of view.

Just hold on so tight;

don’t let me go on

without you.


I am the wandering eye

that fell on you.

I am a comet’s desire;

I’m never burning out,

as long as I move.



your hand on to mine.

I’m ready to go,

I’m ready to fly.


I need

you to understand,

that when we go,

we leave everything.



was a wandering star.

You caught me,

now here you are.

You’ve got me,

I’m dragging you out.


Hold on,

don’t let go.

You’re building gravity

of your own.


HG -2018

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