Capture the moment,

the dream,

the soul.

Fire in a bottle,


out of control.


The world will deceive you;

that’s a certainty.

We’ll fail each other,

in every way.

We’ll kill our brothers

and call it “Victory”,

and not miss a step

to our deaths,

isn’t life a tragedy.


I think we’re missing the point

of this.

I think we’re all tied up

in some kind of


I don’t think we’re thinking clear,

I think that we’ve been drugged,

I think that we’ve been raped,

I thing we’re slaves,



I don’t see one free mind,

I see a victim’s face

when I look in the mirror;

I don’t see one disgrace.

I see a life of horrors,

I see a prisoner’s skin,

I see a addict’s eyes,

I see a dead man’s grin.


And on every device

I see a blood pact made

with a dominion formed

by our adversaries.

Corralled and branded we

march to the beat of drums

that all lead us to war,

but we all just to numb

to see the way out lies

in our own thoughts and minds.

It’s in our hearts and hands,

the best defence

is to fight.



don’t give up, yet.

Tomorrow is still coming.

It’s up to us to make sure

that the Sun

shines on the world

and not the ashes of us.



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