Do the hard thing,

the right thing,

make the painful cut

every time.

There’s no easy way

to the garden gate

and the wall’s too high

to climb.


There’s a war outside,

there’s a place we’re alive

that we seek to find

in love.

Fall down all

our demons now,

we seek redemption

from above.


Blood on stone,

that perfect elixir

the solution

to our problematic


We persist in lies

opening the eyes

we meet resistance.


Our minds recoil

at beholding

the perfect picture.

We’ve come so far from home.

What we were,

what we are,

what we’ve become

a world away alone.


It’s not when the blood hits the stones.

It’s not when our minds find the way;

it’s a price that’s already been paid

an new way to be,

a skeleton key.

No more need we be afraid.

The next part,

is us finding our place.



He is Risen.

God is great.



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