Supposed to be

a foundation,


and inscrutable.

The wavering


are we prepared

for an earthquake?


The once solid ground

shifts like a liquid

and our beliefs

lose footing quick.

What once was safe,

becomes a terror.

The Earth swallows up

the work

and the heart.


There would

no shock

to deal badly

with this kind of betrayal.

No apologies

from the weak stratum,

the layers that failed.

One moment,


living rock.

A safe place.

The next;


the crushing blow



The world,

beyond all reason,

can literally take

the ground out from beneath you.

Try figuring out why

some other time.

There is no fate


So, best to dwell in the moment.

Build and prepare,

but know that the Earth itself

is a traitor.


A rock from space.

A tidal wave.

A nuclear touch

A thousand ways

we could be


Our individual deaths

are the end of the world

and in 100 years

every living person,

breathing right now

will be dead.



the world ends all the time

for someone.

Never crosses your mind,

but it’s happening right now.

Give you best to time

and try to live alive.

Maybe just smile more

and try

to dig a little deeper.


HG – 2018

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