Shapes in The Clouds

As it always does,

this war,

started off so peaceful.

An afternoon,

sunny and agreeable.

Dissent was

sewn in jest and colors.

Some flag waving

and the band played.



just before evening;

someone said that they

thought they saw

something in the sky.

Hiding in the clouds

and fear spread quickly.

Most scoffed,

but they still gathered their children

and went home.

Some claimed to have seen it all before.

Some proclaimed the End of Days,

but they were doing that long before.


We started seeing

shapes in the clouds.

Laying down

on our backs

looking at the sky

and seeing anything

that we think we understand

with any real texture

is laughable.

So subjective,

our experience,

so arbitrary,

our conclusions.

Our leaps of faith

are Apollo missions.

We put ourselves out there,

really far.


Are we after something

that we cannot get here?

Or is it just so simple,

as we’re looking far away,

to find our place here?

Once the war of opinion starts

over who saw what;

the whole thing quickly

devolves into madness,

blood and fire.

The old way.


We just need

to close our eyes

for a little while.

Let those images

blow away.

The sky will be there,

when we return


There will be

new shapes in the clouds.

New angels,

new devils,

new strife.

Just close your eyes.


HG – 2018

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