Puzzle Box


at least I thought you were.

Both of us

never in doubt.


without benefit of anything

that told us so;

we went on faith.


Now it seems

as if we were wrong,

in oh, so many ways.

Learning the hard way,

that hope

is not a prayer.

Maybe we were idle

when we should have been

out there every day,

but like hope,

regret is ineffectual.



before it breaks,

before we hate,

it’s time to complete the circle.

This can be saved,

not by wishing,

but by pure intention.

You’ve got to be willing

to grapple with God,

out box the Devil,

if you want to go on.

There’s no trophies

for participation,

only blood and fire.


Come now,

you didn’t think

all this easy shit

would go on forever?

Even if it did,

do you think that it’s

good for you?

Everyone fails.

Everyone pays.

Everyone fades away,

but only for a moment,

we can climb up

until the angels surround us.

There is so much more.




by piece;

let’s put it all


Pick it up


by piece;

let’s put our house

in order.


by piece,

we’ll build it.


by piece,

we’ll live it

and we’ll do it


There’s no need for hope,

we are our own best answer.


HG – 2018

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