The days are getting longer,

with each morning

burning up the sky.

Every evening

stretching out the light

and the eyes change

to compensate.


Never been so sure in my whole life.

Always been wrong,

clutching a scientific mind,

but these days

march with the in crowd

to the beat of our own drum.

Each of us,

righteous and significant.


Used to think a thing

through its paces,

but in this new, long day,

I’m a kind of savior.

Standing up

to fight against darkness.

Standing in the Sun,

I’m sure I’m incandescent.


Oh, here I am;

crusading for I cause

I only just believe.

It has a couple flaws,

I guess it’s just like me.

We’re both certain of our light.

We’re safe at home at night,

but we burn,

brilliant in the day time.


I know deep down,

the real test,

the real shine,

happens in the dark.

The deadline

is sundown.

How can we be so bright

in the day time?

What good is it to shine

without the dark enfolds?

We’re all alike;

afraid of being exposed.


Because, the bright are dim;

they have no light of their own.

Reflecting borrowed fire

and now we have grown,

afraid of the dark,

terrified at the unknown.


The days are getting longer.

It’s safer to be out

later in the evening,

playing in the crowd.

While those who shine the brightest,

you will find them winding down,

having spent the dark of winter

in the darkness all around.

Shining light and stalking shadows,

in the night and in the void.

Letting us keep our delusions;

all the lies that we enjoy.


How do you know

you’re shining,

standing in the Sun?

Just like everyone,

so easy to think you’re right,

but where is your fight,

when the darkness comes?


I guess you’re just reflecting the Sun;

you were never really on fire.


HG – 2018

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