In Free Fall

I caught myself

in a free fall,

it felt like

zero gravity.

Infinite bliss.


In the absence of a plan,

run towards chaos

and kill everything;

such a simple axiom.

Better to be dead

than to speak words

that are blameless.


In between the sky

and the ground

is every opportunity.


I was told,

once long ago

that if I aimed for the ground;

one in a million times I’d miss

and fly away.

I guess we can even

fail at failing.

We’re such silly creatures,

nothing stops us,

not even the dark reaches.

Hell seeks us out

and finds us,

making our own way there

on the high road.

Heaven stands attainable,

but we complain

the cost’s too high to bother.


We reminisce

on sunken ships,

instead of captaining the ones

we’re sailing.

Running out to shout

that we’ve done something

so banal,

it’s quite amazing.


We seem to see

with such a narrow vision,

sometimes it’s like

we’re staring down

the birth canal again.

Into the blinding light,

the cold,

the pain,

the hunger

that awaits.

So afraid

that the next transition’s

gonna be

as bad as the first.


in our own degradation,

hiding from rebirth.


When I look out,

look around me,

I don’t see

any kind of prison.

Just the standard limitations

of this station,

this temporary condition.



right now,

in a moment of bliss;

I realized

I caught myself in free fall.

Was I flying,

or was I making

my final descent?

I don’t remember,

I’m not sure it matters;

either way is one way out.


HG – 2018

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