So here I am;

breathing in your sweet perfume

and getting drunk.


that prime motivator,

cuts off again

and I’m adrift once more.


Half way there

to an exquisite climax,

then back again;

down, down, down.

The avenues

always played my anthems

and whispered love

to all my lonely nights.


Kind of stupid of me

to have engaged you

in subtle conversation.

My lust is a hammer fist,

my intentions impossibly ignoble.

All I want to do

is tear off your skirt

and make you scream




modern man,

with a pulse

and a purpose

is abhorrent.

This world is automatons,

mimicry the mating ritual.

Like is like like,

except when likes

bring unwanted attention.

Attack the cherry tree,

the fruit is pure,

but the pits are poison.


Here I sit,

smelling your perfume

and testing the limits

of this fabric.

I am not a little boy,

I am a man,


and standing proud.

Caution to the wind;

I pass a compliment,

that’s been on my lips

since I met you.


Fuck it.

Let them crucify me.

No one ever won a game

from the sidelines.




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