I Won’t Tell You Again

I know I told you once

a long, long time ago;

leave me be,

let me sleep,

trouble my dreams no more.

Don’t make this any harder now,

then you made it then.


I’m lingering in a dead zone.

Why do I hear your voice again?

I’m a little bit wiser now,

at least that’s what I pretend.

Older and maybe I’ve lost

a bit of my self confidence.

I’ve been a wild one,

that’s for sure.

No one would argue that.

But sometimes I’m a rare creature

out of its native habitat.


I’m drifting off,

but even though I have seen

many faces

and many, many miles;

you still reach in

and have your way

with my mind.

Catch me at my weakest point,

sleeping like a babe

an show me all the bad choices

that I made.


I knew I was through with you;

you were through with me.

I lost all the respect I had

for both of us equally.

Old lovers are a hangman’s noose,

a cup of Nightshade tea.

Stay out of my mind at night;

let me be

while I’m asleep.


Memories are a vampire shade,

so easy to invite them in.

Then they take all that you are,

show you what a fool you’ve been.

Draw you of your firm resolve,

push you back to where you begin.

Suck you down

and drink you dry,

back into dust again.


Morning banishes the night,

the Sun burns away

all the decay

and the dead

return to their beds

and you’re no longer with me.

I told you once,

long ago;

leave my dreams alone.

We got what we deserved,

no more;

we made our beds,

we made our homes.


So don’t reach out

and don’t speak.

Don’t wish

and don’t entreat.

Just leave me

the fuck alone

while I’m asleep.


HG – 2018

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