Dominance Smile

Dopamine clouds,

soft, silicon dreams.

Reaching in,

pulling out

the tight little seams.

Distracted each time

by delightfully easy,


drop down screens.


I’m reaching in deep,

trying to grab hold

of the heart of being.

Disconnect the feed

with my dominance smile

and my violent words.

I’m going to conquer the world,

just to impress a girl.



No, of course I’m not,

but what I will do;

is keep reaching in deeper,

until I’m touching you, too.

Then I’ll pull out your inside,

bring it out into view,

so the whole world can see

your beautiful truth.


I’m in real deep, now

what will I bring out?

Something wonderfully tragic?

Some new hill to surmount?

An idea that calls you

to stand your ground?

A weapon to harm you?

Something to bring you down?


Piercing the veil

is far from predictable.

I’ll never know what’s next,

what direction I will go.

Caught up in

emotions push and pull.

Smiling while I

writhe in the possible.


There’s something

inside everything.

There’s something

behind everything.

There’s something

hiding inside


Just want to

bring it out

into the light.


HG – 2018

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