New Life Sunshine

The dream is dead.

A long time waking

to this new reborn,

no mistaking

this for yesterday

and notably not tomorrow.


I left a corpse

where the old standard lay.

I woke up,

stepped out of my body.

I wasn’t really scared,

it just felt right.


There was no bright light,

or descending angels,

just a new day;

I got to try again.


No sadness breaks,

a dead split with reality.

A gunshot.

The spine severed.

The heart stopped.

The eyes lose their lustre

and on the other side;

infinite potential.


The cost of being born again

is always death,

so don’t preclude the end.

It requires participation,


commitment to the new,

lest that old man

become a vampire.



the past can eat you up

and you’ll wish you were dead.

So put it down,

with extreme prejudice

and walk away

into that new life sunshine.


Back from the dead

and ready to live once more.

Excited by

infinite potential.

Shake off the dirt

and get to living.


HG – 2018

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