Horror and Hope

Marked by an iron letter

seared into the flesh,

the mark

of the Malcontent.


Heathen bringing hedonism,

horror and hope

to the great white masses

and the other 99,

69, maybe more,

maybe less.

Who cares about a few percent?


I guess if you’re understanding this

you can count yourself blessed;

you’re literate,

didn’t quit

the internets.


I wonder how smart you really are?

I wonder if you know

what side of the war you’re on?


Oh, you didn’t know there’s a war?

I guess I’m the moron;

what have I been fighting for?


I’ll go on to say,

that after receiving your brand,

the palm of your hand

is their property.

Anyone who chooses to use you,

fuck and abuse you,

keep you amused,

confused until they do

that thing that humans do best;

exterminate most,

enslave the rest.


Gotta have balance,

it’s key to progress.

Look at the mess

we’ve made of success.

We’re cleaning it up,

starting with us.

Gotta get those numbers down.

A few million here,

a few million there,

doesn’t that feel better, now?


It’s time to make

a few more mistakes,

give the plebs their lessons, now.

We can get it down

to acceptable ground,

until we’re one on one.


The ship’s going down.

We’re sinking it

to kill the Captain.

All hands lost,

stood by while it happened.

The caption will read;

“Here were the Humans.

Earth’s biggest triumph,

until it consumed them.”


99 or I.

69 or die.

45 in the hand.

Fuck this, we’re staying alive.

Who’s with me?

It’s about time

to find a new way,

take back our minds.

We’re all gonna die,

it might as well be how we like.

Being alive,

is to be chosen,

but we

have to choose

to survive.


HG – 2018

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