The Runner

The coast is clear.

Now, get ready

to run for cover.

As fast as you can;

run like you life depends on it.

Because it does.


No, I’m fucking serious.

When I say “Go!”,

you run and hide.

Right now there are no eyes

looking in our direction.

No one to detect movement.

No threats if you go now.


Don’t speak.

I am not coming with you.

If you can make it,

you’ll find help

on the other side.

I must stay

and fight the war while I can.

There will be more than you

who need escape from this.


So, run.

Before the moment’s over,

before the eyes turn toward us

and we have to hide again.

If you make it,

tell the others we are sorry.

We tried so hard to stop it,

but our people wouldn’t listen.

They were afraid,

so they disarmed everyone.

They made us into slaves

who had to beg for freedom.

It was “For our own good.”

that they suppressed our ways

and Faith became illegal

and words were violent.

Then, when the others came,

we could not protect ourselves,

so we were decimated.

I’m so sorry

that we let that happen.


Now, RUN!

The window is about to close.

If I die,

know I died fighting for you.

You and all our people.

Your day to fight will come.

Don’t look back,

just trust your feet to take you.

Get ready, now…

… GO!


HG – 2018

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