Roads to Nowhere

All my lines

are truncated,

even the vibrant ones.

I trusted my dreams once,


I fear the good ones.

Sometimes I miss the nightmares.

The cruel,

the terrifying;

at least they made me fond

of the waking world.

The way the fear

and then the affection

left me,

leaving me cold.


Betrayed by the rapture.

I reached out my hands

and held them to the fire.

I begged the sky to fall,

but the stars mocked me.

The Moon stayed high

in its heaven

and the Sun still burned;

the reliable thing

about a nuclear fire.


Pacing out the distance

between where we are

and where we need to be.

Might as well

buckle up

and hang on tight.

We’re gonna get there like a Tesla,

only this time it’s for real.

Drag those old wheels out;

fast down the pathways

heading for the future.


Flip the bird

as the signs go by.

Fuck ’em.

Don’t even read ’em.

You can tell what they are

by their shape,

so there’s no need to settle.


Never ending discords,

when played properly

sound melodic,

but the radio is broken,

or stolen,

or whatever.

Stop asking stupid questions.


This is the home stretch now.

We’re almost there,

get ready to change it all.

Take a last glance at everything,

even terminal deceleration

isn’t going to change out plans.


We’re headed for the outskirts,

that old, dead plain

between the mountains

and the desert

and the sky.

Take out those old dreams,

shake ’em out like a blanket

and we’ll watch the stars,

with their past light,

becoming the present,

as we enter the future.


Swinging wide

on the end of the timeline.

Get a little perspective.

Trade a little day

for some night

and burn a little wisdom.


Holding on

never made us strong.

Believing in our dreams

didn’t make them come true.

It was the doing,

the act,

the immediacy

that took us out here

under forever.


Here we take it all in,

see we’re not the center,

but not weak anymore.


and endless.


HG – 2018

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