The thought returns,

beckoned by a subtle gesture,

elusive in

its range and specification.

Draw close to me,

my fear

of warrantless abandonment.

Never knew an excuse

I didn’t want to fuck

right away.


Help me burn a bridge,

and I will turn around

and walk away,


You used to be too,

but now I’m sitting here.

Somewhere I’ve never been,

or at least,

somewhere I don’t remember.

Maybe I never left at all?

I have no memories

of any other vessel,

but I’ve

never felt at home.


Complete me

and deny me.

Hold me closed

and open me.

Take me back up to the mountain.

I’m not where I want to be.

You shower me with all these pictures,

you swear that you will keep your word.

While you’re taking out your pistol,

I’m falling on my sword.


Love and death,

they used to be exclusive,

but now we’ve intertwined them.

Never knew the reasons.

Only saw the words,

but never what’s behind them.

Some might say

I’ve gone insane,

but they don’t know

the beauty that escapes them.

Hide their eyes and walk away.

Never see the fear

that did create them.


The words,

the thoughts

that seize

our minds.

So small,

so deadly.

No big


I hold

my hands out

and receive

you, now.

My simple vision

of destruction.


did we

get here?

How is the new




See it with my own eyes,

but I don’t believe it, now.

Hold your hand

and I will

lead us out.

From the smoke and fire,

to the darkness all around.

No longer found within us.

We have run away.



HG – 2018

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