One by one,

your eyes they open.

Day to day

reveals before you.

Thoughts become

a breadth of questions.

Answers never break

the fast in time.


Blinking out the last of slumber,

dreams still on the tips

of your fingers.

A quick glance around

reveals familiar vessels;

thank God for small miracles.


Stretch and yawn

and try to shrug off

the skin of a long dead yesterday.

Tasting only bitter ashes,

even if the last thing you tasted

was the sweetest.


But that was yesterday

and now,

light reveals;

start all over again.

Did what you did.

Does it matter today,

or do you have to do it

all over again?

Facing something peaceful,

or is it war

again today?


So beautiful.

Too bad it’s off to work

and all you want to do

is stay

and play old games,

but that’s just the thing;

it wasn’t even a thing

that long ago?


What are you dragging in

from yesterday?

Is this a new day,

or an old tomorrow?

Shake it off as best as you can.

Find your feet,

then find your clothes.

Something quick to eat,


then you’re out the door.

Into a restraining world,

only as free as you let it be.


I wonder if you’d be amazed

if I showed you another way?

If I showed you that in your hand,

you’ve been dragging around

all your yesterdays.

I wonder if you’d understand,

if I told you to give away



All that’s holding you back

is you.

Open your eyes,


to be new.

You have to start somewhere,

otherwise the game plays you.

Just let go.

Let that first breath

of today

be for you.


HG – 2018

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