Where did I leave off last time…

… oh, yeah,

I was about to tell the story,

of the sailor

and the soldier

and the hedgehog,

but now I’ve forgotten it,

such a pity.


It had swords and guns

and girls

and love

and  a hedgehog.

It had love

and pain

and war

and faith

and betrayal

and all that

was just the chapter

about the hedgehog;

I wish I could remember

how it went.


There was adventure,

there was intrigue,

the were swordfights.

There were shootouts,

there were airplanes,

there were  falls.

The heroes

found love

and the bad guys all were punished

and in the end

everyone celebrated

the hedgehog.


Maybe next time,

I can tell the story,

if I remember;

my mind fails me these days.

I know the sailor sailed,

the soldier fought,

but I just can’t place the hedgehog;



… it was a porcupine….



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