Snake Eyes

I guess I should have known

from the very beginning

that you were something special;

a reptile, or an instrument.

Coiled in your scales and mystery,

vaguely hinting at your weapons,

something sharp and made with purpose.

An irrepressible deduction.


Eyes like those are seldom hopeful,

so befitting your derision.

I was about to step off

into nowhere.

the great unknown contained your fury.

You cut me once,

cut me twice;

bit me

infecting my blood

with venom,




A cascade

came crashing down.

It’s a miracle

I’m not insane;

at least,

no one has told me so.

I’m alive.

I’m not dead;

at least,

no one has told me so.


I’m changed, but I’m new.

Who knew you were such a strange creation?

Whatever brought you here

must have really hated you,

to abandon

your allegiance.

You probably suffered alone

for a long time

before you turned into the thing you are.

Sharp edges dripping venom

to protect

a vulnerable heart.


I’m sure there’s some wisdom,

some piece of advice

that I could give to get you home,

but I think you’re better off

out here

in the darkness.

I hope you make it on your own.

Don’t cut yourself.

Seek the Sun.

Don’t let your serpent’s heart

grow too cold.

I’m glad we met;

now I know to avoid you.


HG – 2018

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