A Friendly Reminder…

Don’t forget,

you were a tragedy

and at the same time


They’ll try to take away

your wings

if they see you flying,

so reach high,

so far up

their weapons cannot reach you.


when you land,

smash the Earth

with every atom

you can muster.


They’ll never let you

live down

your shame and failure,

for these are how they understand you.

They can connect to your pain,

but not your dreams,

or at least they think they can.

They will exploit every discomfort

and work their fingers in

to find your weakness.

Tearing off your shell,

so they can take perverse delight

in your wounds.


But, nevermind them;

they are as shallow and misguided

as you are.

Just keep trying to fly,

never forget that feeling

of freedom.

Give it up to no one.

Keep those most secret dreams

your treasures.

Never speak them.

People will find out

when they come true.


So keep your head up,

your back straight,

your heart true

and find your own purpose.

The snakes and foxes

seek to poison and beguile.

And when they find a way

to separate you

from who you are,

they’ll devour you

and wear your skin.


HG – 2018

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