Chasing an Itch

In one more hour

I’ll be gone;

your Monday morning reckoning.

Yeah, it’s been fun,

but now it’s not.

These holy days are over.


We stayed up late,

we watched the Sun

rise over our naked bodies.

That was Saturday

and Sunday bled out quickly.


A casual “Hello”

that fell into a kiss

and tumbled down

into a tangled bed sheet.

A warm and comforting embrace

that once relinquished,

feels grating and inappropriate.

The needle punctures cleanly.


I hope you find a way

to face the day

today and tomorrow.

I’m sure you’ll be okay,

but not too okay,

without me.

By Wednesday you’ll be thinking,

“Friday’s coming”

and you’ll think about

seeing me again.


Oh, I’ve gotten under your skin,

haven’t I?

What would you do?

How far would you go

to satisfy?

There’s no more powerful urge

when standing up this high.

Jumping off

seems reasonable, right?

After all,

we didn’t come this far

to just call it a night.


I’m always waiting

for you.

I’ve been waiting for you

my whole life.

And now I’ve finally got you,

I’m not gonna give you up.

You’re gonna have to fight me, now.


I’m all you think about inside.

I’m all you’ve wanted in your life.

I’m like a demon, or a drug.

I’m like an angel with a cure

for everything in your whole life.

I’m the one,

you can be sure.


First I’m whispering in your ear,

then I’m racing down your neck.

I trace a moment on your lips.

You feel my body

and my breath.

Mouth traces a line down

from your throat

to your hips.

I’ll help you chase that itch.

I’ll do whatever you wish.


In an hour I’ll be gone.

I’ll be all of your regrets.

You’ll tell your friends I was the best

and you won’t have to lie, I’ll bet.

You’ll keep looking for me

and I’ll be around.

Always ready to take you down.

I could be with you now.


HG – 2018

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