Situational Comedy

It’s not funny,

but I’m laughing, anyway.

Laughing so hard

it hurts.

Hurts more than the memory,

more than the act of it,

more than all the pain

in the world.


Broken puzzles

with no time to solve them,

they’re just pieces



The call of comfort,



from the heavy breathing

of the wretched.


I reached out once

a hand to help them.

Got a “Fuck you!”

and a shot

to the jaw.

Stole my money,

my watch

and my woman,

but I didn’t care at all.


I watched you,

so pristine,

so well balanced.

Claimed you knew the game

and how to win.

Thought you would fix the wasted,

the maimed

and the broken;

now you’re one of them.


Our best minds

won’t even come near this one.

They’re reluctant,

but I know they’re afraid.

Their voices break,

their minds race

and they can’t decide

how to save us,

or if they can,

or what to do,

or anything.


So, I laugh at the joke

that they’re telling.

The one they thought they knew

the punchline to

and so did you.

Wrong from the get-go.

You’re drug was just a placebo.

I’m laughing so hard,

now I’m crying.

I couldn’t say it better myself.

We’re in for the ride

 of a lifetime,

maybe the last one,

until this good night.




SitHG – 2018

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