This is the push,

this is the pull,

caught in the revolution.

Revolving doorways

passed over

the burdened magnificent.


There were no adulations

in the coliseum,

only hungry eyes

and deadly cares.


the selfless,  truant victim

stood in place of God

and every one of us.


I was an old airplane.

I was once lost at sea.

I held my breath,

I took a step

into the other world.

Not sure I came back sane,

or even came back at all.

I’m in a way,

planning escape,

but here for the long haul.


Cast your lot

with the significant,

but it’s the relegated,

the notes that aren’t played

that make the song.

Strip down to your

very skin

and feel the fingertips

draw out your inner self.


I ran away from home

when I was a little child,

lost in the mountains.

Came back changed

a little bitter,

a little wiser,

because no one came looking for me.

This was my soliloquy.

My chance to save the world.



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