It’s quiet now;

the transgression’s over,

we’re so far away

from consequence.

There’s still a few hours

’til morning,

that ought to be enough time

to make a get-away.

I can get a car.

We can run

to California;

I have friends there

who could hide us

for a little while.

Then we could head

across the border,

find work in Mexico;

no one asks questions,

if we don’t.

Who knew it would be

so dangerous

to fall in love?

The moment that I saw you,

our eyes met

and I died a little more.

You were no more

than a stranger,

but we fit together.

It didn’t take long

to see the truth;

some “meant-to-be’s”

are lethal.

Some breathless words execute.

Out crime was only knowing passion.

Our fate was written

in the stars.

I think they’ll find us

wherever we are,

there’s no escaping justice.

We are doomed,

just as we are fated.

We are cursed

to know the Blessing well.

Our love,

is the stuff of legends

that they’ll speak about in Hell.

So, let’s make that

run to California,

while we still have blood

on our clothes.

The ties that bind us

are unexplainable,

but they bring us close,

without question.

From the first moment

that I saw you,

I knew you were the one.

I pull the car around

and you get in next to me

and we race to escape the Sun.

HG – 2018

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