Picked Last

Curled lips into a smile.

A dying rictus grin.

Curled into a ball,

the fetal position.

Those poisoned, dagger eyes,

that twisted, lizard tongue.

Deception’s not a lie,

when it comes from love.


The fist that strikes

is only one

weapon they use to make you.

Every time you speak,

a slaughter of corrections

pile upon to break you.

Time your eyes and mind.

Duration’s just there to erase you.

You gave it all away,

all the days

that made you.


That jagged arm embrace.

Thoughtful knives cutting deeper.

Trust is corruptible.

They smoke they tell you

makes it cleared.

The hands caress the skin,

draw you in,

just to ensnare you.

Stand against the wind,

try to win,

I fucking dare you.




Pupils fully dilated.



Why waste another movement?


in it.


in it


in it.

There’s no time left

to pick a side.

If you don’t know by now;

you’re on the losing one.


HG – 2018

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