Everything changes

when we finally get

to the ground.

While we’re high

we see things looking down.


on the level,

 we can’t deny

the devil’s

in the details.


We saw the big picture

for a moment

and now we’re here.

Caught up in these

subtle motions

learning patience,

learning fear.

What we don’t know

won’t hurt us,

was such bullshit;

we revere

the secrets that are killing us.

The devil is as he appears;

quiet and resourceful.


No one prays

for fallen angels

who forget their wings

and crawl along.

No one hears

the song that plays

in their dreams.

No one knows

where the notes belong,

the number of cells

that make you,

that thing that you’ve

been keeping quiet.

The forest for the trees.


The picture breaks

and what’s inside it

is only in our eyes.

The meaning for all this,

we left behind;

way back in time,

or somewhere in the sky.

The reasons they gave us

were all a lie.

We still die.


Floating up above it all

they say it’s peaceful,

but they’re wrong.

We look and see

that we do not belong.

The past intrudes,

no interludes,

the future isn’t true.

The devil’s in the details,

the rest is up to you

and I.


HG – 2018

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