The Big Reveal


A ray of light

breaks through my fingers,

hands in a warding gesture.


the beam denies my option


no strength behind it.


It’s as if,

with a wave,

you’ve taken away

all of my trepidation,

all my insecurity.

Nothing more dangerous,

or alien to me;

these types of emotions


and hold me,

like the Sun.


I’ve been awake this whole time.

I only pretended I was asleep,

because I didn’t know the words

and it’s my turn to talk.

Id’ rather hide my head.

Who keeps letting the light in?

I’m cloistered

with my secrets.

Things I never knew before,

things I don’t remember

ever wanting.


Answers come in waves,

but I don’t remember

asking any


or even inquiring.


What is the meaning

of this new scenario?

The light’s complicated.

Is it a wave,

or a particle?

I used to think

it changed

when I observed it,

but now I’m not so sure.


Hiding behind my hands

is nothing short

of ridiculous and childish,

but isn’t it okay

to be afraid

of something so blinding?

The reveal will be exquisite

and well worth the pain,

terror and confusion.

Have a little faith

that the world isn’t a lie,

it’s just not what

we thought it was.


So what’s it going to be?

The darkness…

… or the clarity?


HG – 2018

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