Beauty By The Sea

You were in that

deep blue

light reflecting,

skin glistening,

bioluminescent light

from beneath.

Your body traced

by rivulets

as you adjusted

your hair.


Up above,

in the sky,

nothing more

than an endless


of beauty by the sea.


Lips parted slightly,

as if tasting words

so ripe.

Hips that take the mind

and erase

the moment.

I’m there,

but some part of me

floats away,

a spiritual

out of body experience.


Your hands reach out

to find me there,

a fire,

fully involved.

Eyes like the waves

glowing with that same

strange light.


A mystery,

a door to somewhere

between forever and the sky.

Beauty by the sea,

smashed by the waves

for so long.


I’m beside myself

to find the night is still.

Crystal black ocean,

Moon and stars

alighting lines of silver

upon your skin

and I am left




You find a smile;

somehow wonderful

and terrifying


as the night air

dries our bodies,

you don

a dress of starlight

and lunar highlights.


I return to myself

and find I’m just barely

holding on

to myself.

You’ve taken all of me.

My perfect thief,

as always,


draw me out

from my sleep

into your never ending dream.


HG – 2018

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