A Human Centipede

I watched you crawl

into dark spaces,

lithe and contorted,

like some many-legged insect.

Absolving yourself

of all your little disgraces,

those little white lies

that became an infinite void.


I saw you feed

on pain and devastation.

I saw what  a diet

of shame

and guilt

could do.


who I once believed

were a candidate for butterfly,

discarded your cocoon

and took up the venom.


How must it feel,

now that you fear the light

and the boot heel?

The predators,

they know your name, now

and they keep their ears to the ground

to hear the click and clatter

of your sharp little feet

deep beneath.


They will wait for you

to come back to the surface,

to devour you

in a flurry

of beak and blood

and screaming.

Oh, the screaming…


Those dark creatures

that lay deep inside your psyche.

Little white lies,

that feed upon your pain.

I thought that you were more

than the vermin

and the bottom feeders,

how could I not see

you were becoming a centipede?


HG – 2018

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