Wake-Up Call

You are the soul that makes you.

You are the one who break you.

You are the time it takes you,

suffering and overjoyed.

Connected by your many symbols,

everyone and everything,

resting head and arms akimbo.


Didn’t they teach you anything

about real life?

About living in this world?

Did you think it was easy?

Did you expect it to unfurl

like the morning in our glory,

bowing down to just one girl?


Such an ignorant perspective;

innocent and despicable.

There’s a price we pay to be here,

another to go one.

You want to board tomorrow?

You want to see the dawn?

They’re taking rings and coins and cash.

They’re taking limbs,

they’re taking souls;

whatever you willing to part with,

whatever gets you on the boat.


Oh, I can see

you’re not following along

with my little metaphor;

maybe you think you’ll ignore

what you don’t understand.

Deny me at your peril,

relegate me while you can,

to a place where I don’t matter,

where the problem’s out of your hands.

I just came to guide you,

a companion in these lands,

a voice in the darkness,

bringing the light into your hands.


You always failed to trust me,

I guess you didn’t trust yourself.

If it was all just futile,

the struggles worth it by itself.

That’s how you get stronger,

by adversity,

by discomfort,

by dealing with one


and the next one

and the next one

and you fall down flat on your…



isn’t an option;

it’s an expectation

in the act of living.


it becomes you

to crash and burn

and get back up again.

Every day

you walk away from

is one you put in the “Win” column.


Every day we play for more,

but we aim small, miss small

and we’re

tied to each other more by our weakness,

or strengths are our difference.

I hope this makes sense,

because the next thing

is coming.

I hope you’re ready,

to pay,

to fight,

to engage,

to delight,

in the day,

in the night.

There’s no walking away,

we all pay the price

for the time of our life.


HG – 2018

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