Love and The Perfect Nothing

Light invades

into my perfect nothing,


the hallowed empty,

absolving me

of rumors of capacity,

showing only absence

and void.


“Where do you keep

your tragedy and longing?

Where do you store

your hatred and self-doubt?

Where do you hide

your pain

and humiliation?”


I don’t.

I give it all back to the world.


All you will find

inside my temporal prison,

is a flame that burns

seemingly without fuel

and that is all my love

and when it is extinguished,

I exist here in the dark,



Light recedes,

the invasion of my sanctum ended

and pure dark,

real as the emptiness

embraces me,

overwhelms me.

An inky black home,

vacuous sanctuary.



a small flame burns

at the center

of my vast oblivion.

Perfect in form,

flame steady

and it grows

almost imperceptibly.


Sometimes it is but a flicker,


it is a star.

My inner world


and uncomplicated.


and the perfect nothing.


HG – 2018









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