Cutting Season

I’ve got a knife

and I’ve been whittling down

whatever’s around.

Cutting away the crazy

we call


One less excuse

and I guess

you’ll be getting out

a little more,

now you’re not tied

to your silence.


I’m cutting away

the forgettable,

the extra bits,

the decorations.

You’d look better

with a nice, wide smile,

no doubt,

that’s all you need to wear out,

that and some shoes and you’re down

for anything.


One quick cut

and you’ll be free

from the negative.


can you imagine


people will look at you?

So beautiful,

not just one of the crowd.


I can relieve you

of your ordinary.

I’m just stripping away

the tired and mundane.

Today doesn’t have to be

just today,

if you’re insane,

drifting out of your lane.

It could be any-when,

any-when you want.


Slip the blade up in,

just under the skin.

It’s time for change,

one that’s worth making.

Turning all those tomorrows

into a new thing;

something amazing.

Piece by piece,

step by step,

letting go

is always so hard.

That’s why I’m here,

right at the start

and my knife is sharp,

just like my smile.


HG – 2018

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