There is joy

in the little things,

like eyes

and smiles

and laughter.

Their short duration

only makes them

more valuable to us.


Our lives are short.

Our dreams so big.

Our hopes can fill

the universe,

but fleeting moments

that capture our hearts

are the jewels that light

our night sky.


If you have known,

but one moment

of joy and love and laughter;

cling to it

and you will have a smile

in the dark times,

at the end.


Sunny summer days,

frosty Christmas mornings,

a first night

with a  new lover.

A childhood friend,

a goal achieved

a mercy known

and given.


Our days are short.

Our dreams so big.

Our pain so poignant.

Our love so precious.

Joy so brief,

but so are we,

so we need it,

like it’s gravity.


Maybe it’s our highs

that hold us down

and maybe it’s our lows

that lift us up?

I don’t know,

but I’ve known joy

as a child

and as an adult

and I know I’ll have

those memories

when the dark comes



HG -2018

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