A Duet

Would you teach me the words

to all your secret songs?

Would you let me become

one of your only ones?

Would you ever let me in?

Show me where you begin?

Open your world to me?

Sing your song to me.


We are all

a little bit

lost and found.

I just want

you to know

you’re not alone.

I will stand

in the fire

for you.

I will stand

in the cold

to see you warm.

I will fight

to the death

to protect you.

I would die

so you would live,

promise me

that you’ll live well.


If for but one moment

we become

singing in symmetry,

your song

and mine

for just a  second


each one lifting up

the other.


I need to hear you,

need to feel your heart.

Tell me you’re alive,

because your life

gives me purpose.

What more could I ask for?

I have heard you sing

your secrets to me

and the universe,

when I pass on

from the life I’ve lived

I want you

to know I heard you sing

your everything

and it was beautiful.


HG – 2018

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