The Night Watchman

Even the good things

lose their kindness

in the fading evening light.

I stare blankly out the window,

losing hope with every breath.

I fade like winter’s shadow,

when the spring comes ’round again.

I’m a pauper

and a plagiarist,

stealing time in my own skin.


I have walked

between the doorways

of Heaven

and of Hell.

Stolen stories

from the angels

that I will never tell.

I’m a thief

and I’m a liar.

I’m a king without a crown.

Born in madness,

raised in sorrow.

So fucking high

but coming down.


The tears,

they wrack my body,

as I see the truth come in.

Staring out the window,

you will never come again.

No, there’s no nope

for us shadows,

in the dark we fade away.

So I’m mourning

every moment,

until I too,

start to fade.


Come with me,

pain and sorrow;

take you with me when I go.

The world has known

enough of you

and I hate to

drink alone.


One more for faded memories.

One more for lovers lost.

One more for the night watchman,

who lets me in when I am lost.

One more for the winter,

that recedes with every dawn.

One more for all the people

who I’ve hurt and who I’ve wronged.


I’m leaving my reflection

in the window when I’m gone.

You’ll see me here, forever,

when the night is coming on.

Then I will fade,

like shadows,

trick of light

and light as air.

You’ll have trouble

even seeing

that I was ever there.

Good night, my evening window.

Good night, my grim charade.

Good night, to possibility;

I’m gone with every day.


HG -2018

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