Sign Language

There are going to be days

when the words don’t matter,

when the tongue can’t speak

what the heart’s been after

and everything said

births yet more disaster,

so the mouth stays shut

and the hands move faster.


Picking up a life

a piece at a time

that you broke in a moment,

didn’t like the design.

Thought you could smash it

and it would all be fine,

but now you’re picking up the pieces

of what you denied.


Oh child,

we all cut ourselves

on our pride,

on our “know-it-all” moments,

but we still learn.

You might feel

so fucking special,

but let me tell you;

the words will still hurt,

you are not immortal.


You are your mother’s child.

Even if you grow

vain and empty;

you still one of us…

… like it or not.

Come and claim

what is your desire

before the flames

consume the offerings.


You’ve got it all figured out,

haven’t you?

Think you know what’s happening;

well, don’t let me stop you.

Open your mouth

and enlighten us all.

If you’ve got all that

insight and worldly wisdom,

don’t die

trying to keep it

to yourself.


Oh, now you’ve learned

the value of shutting up?

Keep your mouth closed

and you hands to yourself.

Guess you figured out

that this world does to prophets;

it weeds them out

and sets them on fire.

Keep your opinions to yourself.

No one needs another word.


All this communication

has become a burden

and it’s verging on the absurd.

‘Cause when we’re all done talking,

when we’ve lost our point of view

it’s only a matter of time

before the fists start flying

and the bullets follow

and destruction comes through.


violence is how we communicate, too.

Nothing is more precious

than a word unspoken,

than a secret kept,

than total devotion.

To keep the peace,

when your mouth is a war.

Keep your teeth together.

Saying nothing

is the wisest word.


HG – 2018

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