A Buyer’s Remorse

Uncorrupt me.

Give me back my soul,

crystal blue,

like the ocean.

Beholding world

a new

and infinite skyline,

an endless horizon.


Unclip my wings.

Unchain my heart.

Remind we what I was

before the world became

my poison

and my concubine.

My bitter little accident,

my secret sign.


Before I lay my head

upon a bed

of tears

and broken promises

and pleasures of the flesh

that cost me pieces of my soul.


Let me embrace

what some might call


for I left my inner child

out in the cold.

I sold the best parts of me

for moments

that I am now ashamed of.


I traded kisses for scars.

Gripped the knife

by the blade.

Tried to cut

this away.

Left a trail

from my veins

in a red

dress parade.

Shed my skin

like a snake.

Thought I was

what I made,

turns out I

was a fake.

Just an end-

less charade.


There’s no comfort in knowing;

no wisdom for sure.

I’m drinking diseases

hoping for a cure.

Where did I leave my

hopeful disposition

and Faith?

I had dreams as a small child,

I lost them along the way

and I want them back.


I’d trade all my scars

and all the pain in my heart,

for just a moment

of wonder

and love,

without something in trade.

I gave all the best parts

of me


and I want them back, now.

I’m taking them back, now.

I’m taking them back.



HG – 2018

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