The War For All Time

Dust off your wings,

you’re going to need them.

Grab your gun,

it’s gonna be crazy.

I can assure you,

that you’ll miss the safety

of yesterday’s comforts,

of certainty’s lie.


We’re going up,

higher than angels.

We’re gonna fight;

we’ll win or we’ll die.

The torrent of oceans,

inside we’re tornados,

tearing down everything

we’ve ever been.


It’s gonna hurt,

like a nail through your ankle,

like a mother’s indifference,

like a Heaven unguarded.

You’re gonna cry

and hate me forever,

but in the big picture,

that’s not very long.


You’re gonna see,

I’m gonna show you

what the world looks like

when we are gone.

You’re gonna see

that nothing changes

and how free you are

depends on what you hold.


Empty your hands.

We’re going up, now.

Don’t let your memories

weigh you down.

We’re out of the clouds,

nothing but sky here;

this is where we’ll fight

the war for all time.


You’re gonna hate.

You’re gonna love.

You’re gonna die.

You’re all you’ve got.

Heaven above you,

Hell below and behind.

Where will your love go

when you die?


I’ll love you forever,

but you’ll have to fight.

This life is a war;

don’t forget your purpose.

You weren’t born,

so much as created

for this very moment;

a perfect weapon.


HG -2017

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