A Child is Born

It is to us a funny thing;


A more abstract notion

we have not entertained.

That there would be,

like us,

but something more.

A far beyond,

but not unreachable.


Perhaps a comfort

lost to walls and bonds,

for loneliness

no longer drives the heart.

For fear

and subjugation

are now become abstract thoughts,

perhaps divinity

no longer draws.


Yet it remains,

by the by,

somehow ingrained in us;

like DNA,

how we are built and formed.

Each of us,

borne of star fuel

and dust of rocks

a billion years old.


So what is it

to wonder if there’s more?

A level above consciousness,

a height as yet unseen,

a cosmic omnipotence

that was there at the beginning

and we be there at the end;






That this might drive

men’s minds to fanatic,

could not be more understandable

and if in the name

of ungrasped eternal light,

we shed each other’s blood

and fear the heathen;

then there must be a day

to ensure the peace is kept.


To set down swords

and guns

and embrace Love;

for if there truly lays

upon the Firmament,

an All-Father,

then most assuredly

we will not find Him

in our petty squabbles.


Not on the charnel battlefields,

nor in the homes of gilt and gleam,

but maybe

our Progenitor

is found in humbler clothes,

or yet again,

not yet a man;

not yet.

Not today.


Today a babe;

newborn and effervescent.


with stars align

and hosts of kings and shepherds.

And perhaps visitors

that flock from slightly further afield;

come on this day

to also seek Divinity.



For today;

a child is born.


HG – 2017