Damned Inner Monologues

I have been listening to silence,

now that you are gone.

Even the voices in my head

seem to have moved on.

Maybe I’m abusing the medication,

or maybe the dose is wrong,

but I’ve gotten used to silence

since you’ve been gone.


These days I strain to hear

anything more than my own heartbeat.

The days stretch on,


and I do what I can to fill them up.

I’ve taken to making Heaven

down instead of up above,

but I’ve burned so many candles,

the fire’s more than hot enough.


Maybe I’m in Hell,

that why all the angels here

have scars.

That’s why the music is so bad

and I can’t see the stars.

I could have easily confused

the devil for a god,

he was hiding in the details,

when I accepted the box.


I guess this night of many shadows

will pass away,

bringing on the light

of another day.

And maybe I will finally find

the words to say

that I was wrong

and I have missed you

since the voices went away.


HG – 2017

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