The Beauty of Restraints

Kept in check

by the alarms and symbols.

straps and wires encoded sub-sub-systems.

Chains and hooks

once served to keep us quiet

now we are ghosts

and they are our music.

Hang on tightly

to the ties that bind you.

The pitch and roll

is coming

it will smash you

and if you are lucky enough to survive;

one breach,

can suck you into nothingness.


It used to be so


It used to be so


before the world went wild;

before we loved insanity.

We’re told the drugs are holy

by a magician and

we know it’s sleight of hand,

but we bow down,

heads in the sand,

dreaming our own

prisoner serenade plays,

shocking isn’t quite the word,

nowadays it’s all mundane.


Only the severed will escape

and they might lose their minds

in the fray.

It’s such a little price to pay.

That’s a pretty…

“…oh, so cute…

…looks good on you….

…have you lost weight?”

Straight jacket.

It’s madness

to wear it anywhere

outside those

haut couture rooms.

It’s the proof

you’re there just to be seen

amongst the best that we have yet to dream.

The conversations must be extraordinary.


I wish that I could be

a fly on the wall

of this life you live;

so exotic.

Safely locked away

waiting for the day

the world goes insane,

then maybe a glorious escape.

The world’s going to be a better place

when the guy lines break.


HG – 2017

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