Monster Soup

What could I do

to show you

how I feel?

In my more prescient moments,

it almost all makes sense,

but then I’m

back under the swell again.

I open my mouth to scream

and I get that drowning feeling;

it’s like

water in my lungs.

I try to wave,

but I’m treading away.

Caught up in the riptide.

I see you standing there,

alone on the beach,

getting smaller and smaller.


I wish that I could tell you

how I really feel,

but I am bound by social conventions

and it

doesn’t appeal

to tell people that you don’t care

if they die choking on their own blood,

because quite frankly;

they deserve it.

So selfishly obscene.

It’s all “Me, Me, ME!”,

while other human beings

look out for others.

That’s why I wonder,

why being lost at sea,

pulled away by the tides,

has eased my mind.


The sky is so clear

and blue in every direction.

I don’t feel  afraid,

even though I know

that beneath

the pristine surface,

there are monsters

with millions of teeth.


I lost sight of you

on that beach,

almost within reach,

but now I’m

out with the blue unknown.

So far from home,

but safe from the distaste.



out here,

there are monsters, too.

The kind that kill

only when they have  to.

I think you would approve.


HG -2017

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