Day Space

We never learned

how to follow the stars.

We were born in the day,

afraid of the dark.

Taught one way,

denied the other.

One point of view

blind to another.


Never thought to question

this infatuation

with hiding in plain sight.

This constant agrivation,

there are no more forevers

when the horizon line

drops at the curve.

Raised in a circle;

made to be out of this world.


Heaven sent;

what a recollection.

Don’t know what it meant.

A friend

from somewhere outside

slipped in

and told us

there was more

than these four walls

we always dreamed beyond.


We decorated

our cages

with what we called

our imaginations,

with our dreams;

turns out these

were broken memories.

A token left inside,

a sleeping seed.

We’re more than we’ve ever known,

or believed.


Back in the silence.

Bright white

distraction and violence.

So much we

no longer mind it.

Stuck up the truth,

we can’t find it.

Realize it’s

getting early, now.

The sun will be up soon.

We better get our bearings now.

The sky’s already turning blue.

We lose the infinite,

back in the tiny little room.

This life is the opposite

of everything they’re telling you.


The signs hide in the light,

don’t be afraid

to question their reasons why

you can’t see the stars,

even at night.

They are who you are;

burning and dying bright.

Don’t be afraid to ignite

and shine.

Keep your sight in mind.

What do you see

when you close your eyes?


HG – 2017

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