She wore her bangs straight

for the first time.

Wasn’t really sure

how it framed her face,

but she needed a change,

to set a new pace

and the logical place to start

was her hair.


Changing our situation

takes more than

a Tuesday afternoon

and no amount of touch-ups

can keep back the moon.

Gravity turns the tides

and she can’t hide

her face behind her hair


All she is is bare,

she’s so scared,

but know what must be done,

must be done.


More courageous than she’ll ever know.

Bravery is just one of her gifts,


she doesn’t realize it.

There’s tears in her eyes when

it’s finally time to go.


It might seem trivial

to start changing your life

by getting your hair done,

but this is her warrior ritual,

her meditation,

building confidence

before the battle’s on.


One thing that history has proven;

a victory is only won

in the right pair of shoes

and how you gird yourself

against the coming storm,

can win the war,

like all those time before.


In her head,

she’s just making herself feel good

before doing what she should

have done long ago,

but life has a way

of diverting us, you know.

If she’s going to face

her greatest test to date;

she wants to feel beautiful.


HG – 2017

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