Plastic Islands

I can’t tell

if you were always like this,

a broken metaphor,

or something more.

A brilliant crisis,

I guess I never understood,

or tried to understand.

I guess I didn’t really give a damn.


Crushed by the waves,

imploding under pressure;

the way a vacuum sucks.

You used to seek such treasures,

never quitting,

never had enough.

But, life is a Slippery Willy,

just when you think

you have it in the clutch,

you’re going overboard;

lost again

and no one gives a fuck.


The sea is full

of discarded plastic,

islands of our

throw away charade.

No more consequences;

come and see the paradise we’ve made.

Drifting garbage archipelagos,

testaments to our

accidental godhood;

no good

deed goes unpunished.


Clinging to the morass,

floating under the same stars

that drove us apart.


never had a place

for a plastic heart,

but now here we are,

watching you

create this careful art.

Love is like this,

both terrible

and wonderful.


I never gave you any credit.

I called you a “Throw away friend”.

Before all this ends,

I want to walk

on your crazy garbage island.

You’ve made me see

how lovely

and how horrible I can be.

I’m sorry

that I ever doubted you.


HG – 2017

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