Gripping with the fingernails.

Gaining that slight purchase.

Picking away at imperfections,

never knew there were so many.

Slide a finger in behind

the thin veneer that covers vessels,

watch your smiling eyes disappear;

I bet you never knew this pleasure.

Stripping off

that wasted paint

and layer upon layer

of dismal


You don’t have to fake,

use your imagination.

Under all those little imperfections,

you are golden,

you are flawless.


Sorry that I had to trick you.

You wouldn’t have believed me

if I told you to your face

that you were doing it wrong.

Every complicated gesture,


and leaving you

dumb and vulnerable.

I always tried my best

to respect your intellect

a little more than most.

I can see the desire

in your smile,

in the way you speak

in every movement of your bones.

You’re wearing your greatest mistakes

like the trophy skin

of a vanquished enemy,

but you’re becoming

your own worst thing;


yourself without even knowing it.


You’re so afraid to reside

under one sky,

with a smooth, ripe skin;

right back where we begin.

So you put on a disguise,

act like you’re proud to lie,

you’re just trying to hide,

while somewhere deep inside,

resides a perfect form,

created for this war,

an instrument so tuned,

to the pitch of the universe.

So let me peel away

the layers of your face;

I know that under

all that bullshit,

you are in there.



HG -2017

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