Don’t show yourself

to the world;

it’s not there for you.

It lies

and says it loves you,

but it’s a killer.

Don’t reveal

yourself to strangers,

you’re too vulnerable.

You need protecting,

I hope you never know.


Conceal yourself smartly

inside a fortress.

Stay where you’re strong,

don’t go into the wild.

If you do,

don’t expose yourself

to the animals;

they’ll devour you,

even the cute ones.


You might think

you’re a player

in the big game,

the protagonist

in the movie

of your life,

but to everyone else,

you’re just an extra;

so don’t be so certain

that this world

is playing nice.


Have a care

for your heart

and for the things it loves.

Take your time,

make it good,

win on your terms.

When someone

seeks to open

up your secrets;

be sure you can kill them

before sharing;

just to be sure.


HG – 2017

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